Armchair Pepper


Pepper armchair with exclusive design, handmade.

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With the Pepper armchair your environment will be completely transformed. Enjoy an elegant, sophisticated and unique design that fully adapts to the body.

You have the possibility to customize the color, up to 5 ranges of fabric of different colors. Or if you send us a color example, we can customize it as you wish.

Place your order online and receive your Pepper chair in 6 weeks.

Total Height 1200 mm
Width 640 mm
Depth 610 mm
Seat Heigth 440 mm

Weight 72 kg
Dimensions 610 × 640 × 1200 mm

Personalized, Wood 1, Wood 2, Wood 3, Wood 4, Wood 5, Wood 6, Wood 7, Wood 8


Cover-02, Cover-15, Cover-24, Cover-29, Cover-52, Cover-61, Cover-69, Cover-70, Cover-83, Cover-87, Cover-92, Etna-100, Etna-15, Etna-21, Etna-22, Etna-23, Etna-24, Etna-25, Etna-27, Etna-28, Etna-37, Etna-38, Etna-48, Etna-55, Etna-56, Etna-60, Etna-65, Etna-80, Etna-85, Etna-90, Etna-91, Etna-95, Etna-96, Madryt-906, Madryt-907, Madryt-908, Madryt-912, Madryt-914, Madryt-915, Madryt-920, Madryt-921, Madryt-923, Madryt-924, Madryt-925, Madryt-926, Madryt-928, Madryt-929, Madryt-956, Madryt-960, Madryt-976, Madryt-982, Madryt-985, Madryt-987, Madryt-990, Madryt-994, Madryt-995, Madryt-996, Personalized


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