Master Craftsmen of unique furniture

We are Grandstak, a Valencian family business that manufactures high-end furniture.

We manufacture to order for our main clients:
  • Architecture and interior design studies
  • Decorators
  • Hostelry
  • Facilities
  • Contract in general
  • Collectivities
  • Hotels, restaurants, etc.


Since our beginnings we have collaborated with the firm MARIANO GARCÍA, a successful Valencian businessman with whom we maintain a close relationship and act as our mentor. Do not miss this article published in El País that talks about its history.

how do we work at grandstak?

At Grandstak we can get to work as soon as we receive the sketch of the furniture. From here, we execute the technical part and design the furniture or installation.

We carry out photogrammetries of our products and work with the highest technology in the sector, using CNC numerical control machines.

As they are handmade products, they can be customized as we want, unlike the importer who only has specific products.

We are passionate about combining tradition and innovation.

3rd Generation of Manufacturers

We are a Valencian family business with almost a century of history, since 1917.

In all this time we have been applying new methods and machinery to design our furniture but at no time have we forgotten our passion for craftsmanship, in fact some processes such as wood bending or hand carving (sculpting) we continue to do as it does a century.

We have had very diverse clients, for example we have had the privilege of seeing our furniture show off in high-level international films and series such as Falcon Crest or Dinasty and more recently on television programs such as Big Brother.

We are in Silla (Valencia), the cradle of furniture. Contact us!