Armchair Laltra


Laltra armchair with exclusive design, handmade.

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The Laltra armchair breathes elegance and originality. It has a comfortable and comfortable seat and combines curved and soft lines with a fabric that is pleasant to the touch. The ideal piece of furniture for decorating rooms.

You have the possibility to customize its color, up to 5 ranges of fabric of different colors. Or if you send us a color example, we can customize it as you wish.

Place your order online and receive your Laltra armchair in 6 weeks.

Total Height 780 mm
Width 1200 mm
Depth 900 mm
Seat Height 430 mm
Arm Height 670 mm

Weight 126 kg
Dimensions 900 × 1200 × 780 mm

Personalized, Wood 1, Wood 2, Wood 3, Wood 4, Wood 5, Wood 6, Wood 7, Wood 8


Cover-02, Cover-15, Cover-24, Cover-29, Cover-52, Cover-61, Cover-69, Cover-70, Cover-83, Cover-87, Cover-92, Etna-100, Etna-15, Etna-21, Etna-22, Etna-23, Etna-24, Etna-25, Etna-27, Etna-28, Etna-37, Etna-38, Etna-48, Etna-55, Etna-56, Etna-60, Etna-65, Etna-80, Etna-85, Etna-90, Etna-91, Etna-95, Etna-96, Madryt-906, Madryt-907, Madryt-908, Madryt-912, Madryt-914, Madryt-915, Madryt-920, Madryt-921, Madryt-923, Madryt-924, Madryt-925, Madryt-926, Madryt-928, Madryt-929, Madryt-956, Madryt-960, Madryt-976, Madryt-982, Madryt-985, Madryt-987, Madryt-990, Madryt-994, Madryt-995, Madryt-996, Personalized


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