Preferential conditions for Interior Designers, decoration and architecture studios, installers and other professionals in the sector.

Once an annual purchase volume has been reached (minimum € 5,000), we will send you a coupon with the corresponding discount according to the following table, which you can redeem on all your purchases for the following year. Personalized quotes are excluded in these conditions.



+ 5.000 €

– 10 %

+ 10.000 €

– 15 %

+ 15.000 €

– 20 %

+ 20.000 €

– 25 %

+ 25.000 €

– 30 %

+ 30.000 €

– 35 %


We are a company in the furniture sector specialized in the furnishing of contract and hospitality facilities and communities. Flexibility is the main characteristic that defines our company, being able to adapt to any need for your project and personalize any design. Achieving, in this way, maintaining the highest exclusivity canons for any of their creations.

Among the main services that we put at your disposal are the design, manufacture and customization of furniture and upholstery fabrics, making curtains and tablecloths, renting furniture, maintenance of furniture and carpentry elements.


Design, manufacture and customization of furniture and upholstery fabrics

Our goal is to supply the decoration sector with everything related to the equipment and furnishing of its facilities.

Putting at your disposal a professional team with extensive experience that has the latest technology in the sector to be able to convert all your ideas, and that these can be part of the furniture and equipment of your facilities.

Interior and exterior carpentry

Our experience as furniture manufacturers dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Counting on specialized personnel with more than 40 years dedicated to the manufacture of furniture of the highest quality. We enjoy a very good reputation among our clients and competitors.

Know-how and good taste in the finishes guarantee us. Whatever your need, we put our best professionals at your disposal to provide your installation with the highest quality on the market.

Custom cabinets, paneling for walls, doors, flooring, parquet, pergolas are the day-to-day of our professionals.

Manufacture of curtains and tablecloths

We have the best professionals in the preparation and installation of tablecloths, curtains and specialized carpets and experts in dressing all kinds of facilities who will always advise and solve any of your doubts so that your satisfaction is always the maximum.

By speaking directly with the qualified personnel of our factory, we can technically advise you on the best solution for your needs. Avoiding, in this way, future unpleasant incidents that always appear at the time of installation.

Maintenance of furniture and carpentry elements

Another interesting service that we offer you is the maintenance of the furniture and carpentry elements of your facilities, thus reducing your needs for specialized personnel and eliminating the fixed expenses corresponding to these personnel.

Furniture rental

    Following our desire to be able to cover all the needs of our clients, we have included in our services the possibility of renting that offers interesting advantages for your company.



  • It gives you the possibility to enjoy the furniture without having to make a large outlay.
  • The opportunity cost of the money “invested” in furniture is very high, compared to other much more profitable investment alternatives.
  • The costs of maintenance and breakdowns, etc., will not suppose unpleasant surprises in the budgets of your company.
  • The monthly amount to be paid for these concepts is fixed during the contracted term.
  • Renting does not immobilize company resources in assets that depreciate quickly. This provides greater liquidity.
  • It is not reflected in the balance sheet of the company, giving it a greater debt capacity if necessary.
  • The furniture does not appear in the Assets and the payment obligation, not in the Liabilities.
  • It is a rent and, therefore, it is reflected in the Income Statement as one more expense.
  • The Renting fee is also deductible for the company.

For special designs, furniture or custom projects and special quantities, request a personalized quote.